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in washington again as there have been talks of building a multi-use stadium to replace the outdated rfk stadium. >> it's just time to change the name. i think the whole country is starting to get around it. >> i think people just got to get over themselves and a lot of us can get offended about this and about that. >> reporter: loudoun county board of supervisors say the team is headquartered in their county right here in ashburn and they play in maryland. they also say d.c. is not doing themselves any favors by calling for a name change if they're trying to lure the washington redskins back to the district. the votes on either side of the debate are essentially symbolic. it's up to the team's owner, dan snyder, to make a change and he vehemently opposes that decision. >> we need to take care of the businesses in our county. >> i don't think there should be a name change. >> i didn't even know the redskins was a racist name till this was brought to attention. >> they're not winning many games and neither city was going to change the name, so maybe it's time to change the name. >> reporter: be
's eve. >> good advice. >>> there is a scam making the rounds and the scam artist even used our name, believe it or not. we'll explain that to you, coming up. what you need to be on the lookout for. >>> it is usually something you hear about, connected to young people. but now the nfl has its own case of bullying. that story is ahead. >>> one of the hotly contested elections today, is what is over in your food. >>> and in sports the redskins only have two days to prepare for your thursday night contest in minnesota. we'll have more on th obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad. >>> another chilly one out there, 50s and 40s. heavy coat weather. not as chilly this afternoon. temperatures will be moderating some. you can see highs between 55 and 60 with partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. the 7 a forecast has ups and downs and a little bit of rain -- 7-day forecast has ups and downs and a little bit of rain. >>> great seneca highway, one closure remains in place, 16t
a stable home environment. >> also in the news, generic drug fraud. 80% of the drugs are generic in the u.s.. ranbaxy, a leading generic drug maker, it's said they faked results to win fda approval. this is a big deal. our senior correspondent interviewed the whittle-- whistle blower. >> why would they do this? >> money. greed. >> in 2004, the ranbaxy executive dinesh thakur was asked to investigate fraud, and he uncovered disturbing questions about the data to prove the effectiveness of the ranbaxy drug. >> we started get intog the files and lo and behold, we find none of it exists in the first place. >> can -- what does that mean? >> it means they have gotten approvals from the fda based on data that was fraudulent. >> there are -- there was no proof they were effective. the findings were presented to the ranbaxyexecutives in 2005, but nothing was done. >> i was dumbfounded. i have worked in this industry 12 years, and i have never seen such calous behavior. >> his young son was prescribed a ranbaxy antibiotic for a fever. >> he kept getting worse. so we got another company's formulation,
are desperately looking for food, water, medicine. u.s. marines are now on the ground delivering much needed relief supplies. a brigadier general who got a look at the devastation from above today said every single building in the city of tacloban has been destroyed or severely damaged. >>> across our region people are planning fundraisers and church suppers and neighbor campaigns in hopes of getting some help, rushing it to the philippines. >> that's great stuff, but the scope of this sort of devastation requires a massive international effort. here's bruce leshan. >> let's concentrate on medications for children and the elderly of. >> reporter: from her home in reston she's coordinating a second flight filled with medicine for the philippines more than $1 million worth, but she knows it is not enough. >> don't wait for an invitation. this is a disaster, no invitation needed now. help our people. we are so helpless. >> reporter: brannigan suspects the philippine government could have done more to prepare for the storm, but now that it has left perhaps 9 million people struggling, 600,000
] ♪ >> whoo! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> welcome to the show, everyone! thanks for being with us! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> we have a lot going on today! a red carpet foot makeover, dr. jim's house call to a deserving teen, and surprising causes: things you are doing right now that cause embarrassing break outs. and first, we welcome our good friend, dr. phil, back to the show! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> how are you? >> we are good. >> welcome back. >> how you feeling today? >> i am all right. i am good. >> dr. phil, one of the things we wanted to do with you today, you are a celebrity. you know, you offer a lot of advice, but you are also a celebrity, and as a celebrity, dr. phil - just like all celebrities - is the focus of some pretty outrageous rumors, like this one: >> there's a lot of talk about dr. phil's lovely locks. the on line junkies claim the talk show king is concealing his full head of hair. >> i have said before, i have been bald since i was 12, so. [ laughter ] >> one source says he goes bald for a distinguished look. we will keep you "plug
down, 16th street, use beach or georgia avenue, and remember the culvert is shut down for six months as well so no shortcut either available for you there. 66 in get shape. manassas, centerville, we'll take a live look on northbound 95. looking fine in springfield. late this morning. back to the maps. the beltway is fine, again college park into silver springs, don't forget about the closure on 16th street because of the tree down in the road, we'll take a live look one more time here. andrea? mike? >>> there was a gunman suspected of firing shots in a mall in new jersey. he is now apparently dead. his body was found inside this mall. it happened yesterday at the garden state plaza mall in new jersey, and there were reports of gunfire just before closing and witnesses say the shooter was dressed in black. >> the mall was on lockdown, as officers went room by room. the suspect has apparently been found dead. let's recap what brought us to this point. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. team members stormed the garden state plaza mall in new jersey. a gunman opened fire just before closing time. the
are in english, language and arts. >> what we're finding today is that the common course is asking us to teach kids to be prepared for both college and careers. >> reporter: dawn clemons is principal of the capitol hill cluster which includes stewart hobbs middle school. >> we're using four different reads to get the et cetera sense of this complex techs -- essence of this complex text which is oftentimes two or three grade levels upon where the kids are reading. >> reporter: this type of strategy it's said is helping d.c. public schools improve faster than the rest of the nation. >> only one out of 51 can show the greatest improvement and that was d.c. >> reporter: the district is now closing the gap in math and reading scores since 2007. 4th grade reading in d.c. gained eight points above the national average, in math a 13 point gain over the rest of the country. d.c. 8th grade reading improved two points over the country's average and the same group in math a whopping 14 point gain over the national average. the district although not a state is compared to its neighbors and test scores s
. >> today the u.s. postal service is going to unveil a new series of stamps honoring all 464 medal of honor recipients from world war ii. >> the 46 cent first class forever stamp will also include the pictures of the last 12 living medal of honor recipients. delia goncalves is live at the world war ii memorial, the site of this morning's ceremonial. hello, delia. >> good morning, andrea, mike. the ceremony will begin at 9:00 here at the world war ii memorial. members of the u.s. post office will be here and they call this stamp the most prestigious stamp ever. they actually rushed this order in order to make sure that the stamp was ready for the celebration and for veterans day. and we have a sneak peek thanks to our friends at u.s.s. d.a. our sister -- at u.s. d.a., our sister newspaper. there are two stamps one from the army and one from the navy. annual dray ya, you were mentioning the images of the last living 12 recipients of the medal of honor. and there are their fays. they are on a souvenir sheet that surrounds those stamps. then of course all 464 recipients of the medal of honor wi
are in charge! you are allowed to do whatever you want. >> i want to thank you for having us here. it's great to mix things up. we will not mix it up entirely, we will discuss the celebrity health news. and we were just taking self-ies of one another, and posting them on the social media sites, that's nothing knew, but are some celebrities taking sexy selfies too far. >> kim kardashian had jaws drob when she posted her baby's bootie pick, miley cirus is leaving little to the imagination when it comes to her lady parts and nikki manaj is flashing. >> and actress receda jones took to twit twitter, to scold her lady friends. >> and followed up with a #stop acting like a [ beep ]! so when it comes to social media, when does self-expression become self-sabotage. >> i think some of them need instagram privilege taken away. >> little kids look at these and think it's normal. >> and whatever guess out there on the internet, stays there forever. i know you are young and in a wild zone, but 20 years from now, do you want these photos out there? >> some of these, i am glad they are not showing nipple sh
-this cacophony which follows us into our homes and into our beds and seeps into our... into our souls, for want of a better word. for a long time, uh, there was only one poultice for my raw nerve endings, and that was, uh, copious drug use. so in my less productive moments, i'm given to wonder... ...if i'd just been born when it was a little... quieter out there, would i have even become an addict in the first place? might i have been more focused? a more fully realized person? what, like ancient greece? you any idea what passed for dental care in the hellenic era? no, no, i'd, um, i'd want some of the wonders of modernity. just before everything got... amplified. man: something like what? 200 years ago? mycroft. web site said it was an open meeting. i came to support my brother, so please go on. it's-it's fascinating. no. i, uh, i-i'm so sorry. sorry. hey, you leaving early? did you really mean what you said in there or were you just winding them up? mycroft. i wouldn't have said anything at all if i'd known the meeting was compromised. explain yourself! your maid told me you'd gone out. i whe
:00 p.m. be sure to join us tomorrow night at 11:00 for the results. >>> and tonight a bill protecting the rights of the gays and the lesbians could clear the full senate bit end of the week. and it is called the employment non-discrimination act. however, they need to face the dim prospects in the gop- controlled house. but the speaker, they are proposing it, leading to the lawsuits to hinder the job creations. >>> well, 73,000 marylanders, i should say, they just got some bad news. and it is their policy, that it will be the affordable care act. now, if you fall into this category, you can buy a different policy from the insurer. and if they are in virginia, filling it out here for them and it turns out that you are in no better shape than those using the website. the congressional oversight committee for them there. and that you'll have to go through the website and the applicants for the record to fill them out, it feels like they were making progress. and the white house says that it was never the intent to have people think about the paper prospect that would be any faster. >> th
in secret. you will never find us. but victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you. (terney) you won't believe what the swede has been doing-- going to the therapy. (simmons) how much does the therapist know? (hayden) are you resting comfortably? yes. but i should tell you that, i don't really believe in hypnotism. the act of hypnosis is freewill. for me to proceed, your mind must grant the permission. will it work on me the first time? most of my clients experience results in three to five sessions. so we'll work on your anxiety and paranoia gradually. see, mr. wren, hypnosis is merely relaxation combined with imagery. you experience it every night as you drift asleep, focus on a book, or miss your exit on the f.d.r. ready? i think so, yes. then let's begin. please pick up the tablet beside you, and choose an image that speaks to your emotion. oh, this one. i want you to close your eyes and form a mental picture of that image. picture the birds, the field. then one by one, picture them as they fly away. focus on your breathing. one bird departs. and as each one goes, your r
more about it than any of us. that, quite frankly, this is one of the saddest decories we have -- stories we have ever talked about on our show. >> it truly is, i have to say, travis, out of doing the dr. phil show, now in our 12th year, that this one single interview changed me more than any interview i have done in 12 years. and -- >> wow. >> and the interview is with michelle knight. she - as you know - is one of the three girls taken by this monster, ariel castro. she was the first taken. she was there for the longest over 11 years. i think she was probably the most severely abused because of a lot of rage that he had towards her. and it's just ... huh, to sit down with her and she blows up so many myths about what was out there in the media about this story. and to hear this person talking, knowing what she's been through, was just a life-changing event. >> michelle had so much to endure over the years. she was helt captive. here's a clip from the interview with dr. phil. >> when you were down there, á was it generally in the dark? >> there was no light. no light at all.
, cakes. >> but many companies have stopped using trans fats and now the government plans to phase them out almost entirely. delia goncalves has more from our satellite center. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea, mike. i noticed, mike, you were a little excited, you had a little enthusiasm in your voice when you were listing all the foods that have trans fats. [ no audio ] microwave popcorn -- this ban the fda says is going to take some time to implement simply because the companies literally have to come up with brand new recipes. trarns fat comes from -- trans fat comes from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil and is in most fried foods and frozen pies, pop correspondent, refrigerated biscuits. in many cases it not only improves the flavors of those foods but extends the shelf life. but here's the bad news. trans fats raise bad cholesterol, lowers good cholesterol. the centers for disease control says it leads to heart disease and thousands of deaths every year. >> i think it's good. >> we could save about 7,000 lives and prevent about 20,000 heart attacks in this
ones. man: glad us swing shift guys are done. heard you got a sexual assault call, too. gonna be a busy night. i'll drink my first one for you, huh? mm-hmm. (laughs) let him gloat. i don't really like anybody that goes to bed before sunrise, anyways. agreed. hey, morgan? the sexual assault call. it's got to be our guy. similar victim and location. oh. oh, sorry. dawn. banks. swing shift. hi. seen you around. greg. hi. dawn and i worked separate home invasion rapes last week, realized we might be dealing with a serial. yeah, looks like he might have struck again. do, uh, you mind if i work this one with you? i don't sleep anyway. oh, um, sure. great. i can head out to the scene. the victim's waiting at pd. all right, i'll talk to her. okay. good luck. i didn't see him. i-i didn't hear him. i didn't know anything happened until i woke up. tell me what you can about your night, amy. what do you remember before you went to bed? i got off work at 8:00. i'm-i'm a cocktail waitress. fell asleep in bed watching tv. when i woke up, my head felt all cloudy. and... i was... ...hurting. i promise y
to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off. margaret brennan is with us. good morning. >> it is so great to be here with you charlie. >>> we begin here the man charged with killing a tsa officer at los angeles international airport, investigators say paul ciancia claims he acted alone. >> this morning the attack is raising questions about security and procedures at america's third largest airport, ben tracy is at lax. ben, good morning. >> reporter: margaret and charlie good morning. all nine terminals at lax are open this morning and security is tight and some passengers understandably on edge and we're also learning more about the shooter's motives and security here at the airport. tsa agents are wearing black bands on their badges in memory of hernandez, first employee killed in the line of duty. flowers have been placed in terminal three. >> he had his gun trained down like this and he took two shots. >> reporter: scott green was waiting in the security line with his family on friday when 23-year-old paul ciancia started shooting at tsa agents. passengers frantically ran out of
says he will not retry the case. ryan ferguson and his father join us in a moment. but first "48 hours" correspondent air moriarty is here. her eight years of original covering of this case covered the gaps. good morning to you. >> good morning. most people expected it would take months to resolve ryan ferguson's fate. it took just four days. >> ryan! yay! >> how are you doing. >> it was finally over. last night a smiling ryan forgets ferguson appeared before reporters and press. no longer in handcuffs or his prison-issued jumpsuit. he first thanked his parents, bill and mary ferguson. >> they're the most amazing parents. without them, i wouldn't have have had any hope. >> ferguson was convicted in 2005 of killing kent height hold, a popular newspaper sports editor. while there was plenty of physical evidence at the scene, none of it matched ferguson. he was convicted on the word of two witnesses. one was charles erickson, a high school classmate, who claimed they killed height hold in a late-night robbery. the other, a janitor who said he saw ferguson at the crime scene. both men late
resilient. they will be able to overcome these challenges. >> reporter: that was the u.s. ambassador to the philippines who tells us he fears that the estimated 10,000 people killed by this typhoon could even be higher. he fears that number could be worse. help, though, is on the way and we just heard that a russian plane, the largest plane in the world arrived full of supplies just moments ago. so we're going to monitor things as they continue to update in the philippines and we'll bring you the very latest in a half-hour. back to you, andrea, mike. >> delia, thank you. >>> police in alexandria are investigating what they are calling a suspicious death. the victim was 69 years old. police have not released his name. a relative found the body yesterday afternoon in the rosemont neighborhood on elm street. officers say they are going to wait for an autopsy to determine whether or not this is foul play. >>> two fairfax county school employees have been arrested on charges of embezzlement and money laundering. veggors say for middle school principal -- investigators say poe middle schoo
are very resilient in that they will be able to overcome this challenge. >> however, the u.s. ambassador to the philippines tells us he fears that the estimated 10,000 people killed by the typhoon could be even worse. desperation in the philippines. help is on the way. people say it's not getting there fast enough but help coming in from all around the world. more on the relief efforts and how you can help in the next half-hour. >> as bad as the images were from hurricane andrew or katrina, this is even more devastating so they really need a lot of help. >> reporter: we're hearing hurricane katrina packed winds after 120 miles an hour. this typhoon winds were 195 miles an hour. >> wow. delia, thank you. >>> police are investigating a suspicious death in alexandria, virginia. they've not released the name of the 69-year-old victim but a relative found the body yesterday afternoon in the rose month neighborhood on elm street. officers say they'll wait for autopsy results before ruling on a cause of death. >>> the trial of an air force officer accused of sexually assaulting a woman outside
.c. metro region. police tell us ronald kirby was gunned down on veteran's day. you're looking at video of him from the past, obviously, he was head of transportation for the metropolitan washington council of government. wusa9 is live in the alexandria neighborhood where people are just stunned, mola. >> very quiet neighborhood. police have been in and out of ronald kirby's home all day long. he was found gunned down, shot to death. multiple gun shot wounds yesterday afternoon. alexandria police chief says kirby was found by a relative. he was seen alive earlier in the day, actually, according to police. but right now, authorities are not saying where he was seen or by whom. considering kirby's high profile status, he spent 30 years as a public servant and all things in the d.c. metro region. one of the first questions, did that have anything do with his killing? was he targeted? right now, it is too early to tell, they are not eliminating any of the possibilities. everything is on the table. chief cook says his detectives understand the high profile nature of the case, but that does
us. >> do you know who the mayor is? >> nope. >> some of her high school peers, not so civil minded. >> i don't pay attention. >> we can vote now? >> yeah, you can vote. >> surprise you that i interviewed young people today and they were unaware you are their mayor? >> that would not surprise me. >> the mayor voted along with the council here to lower the voting age for municipal elections to 16. >> and the thing that won me over was talking about the age at which you start and where you are and when you are 16 and 17, you are much more likely to be living at home with your parents in a place that you grew up in that you are familiar with. you are part of the community. you know some of the issues. >> about 90, 16 and 17-year- olds have registered since takoma park lowered the age in may. >> i just generally tend to think that the average 16 and 17-year-old is not interested in community affairs. it's tough enough to get mature adults to pay attention to that stuff. >> takoma park suffers from a serious turnout problem. 20% is considered high and tomorrow with every
♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ >> as you can see, we have a special group of fanc with us -- fans with us here today, thank you for being here for an intimate session of "the doctors"! [ applause ] >> and, i want to go ahead and get started. and look at this photo of this woman, if you will. so, what if i told you, as you watch her little by little, she's making a change. as you go through the pictures over the course of 30 days, would you all not agree her appearance is improving dramatically? >> whoa. yeah. >> she didn't something simple to change her skin. any ideas? >> lots of water. >> no sugar. >> she went on a vegan diet. >> all she did, the answer, was not drink for 30 days. that change in complexion, and of course, could alcohol be making you look less attractive. she drank 5 glasses of wine a week, that's not a lot. >> wow. >> there are people in the room that drink more than that. >> that's a glass after work. >> that's amazing. >> looking through the progression of her photos here, week 1, this is how she looked. within days of giving up alcohol, you see dramatic impro
, it's incumbent upon us to continue to drive port ability in these programs and the best way for them to continue to get business and keep building this product is to drive that -- and without that, the cost of these ships -- the issue is we are a carrier nation and a carrier navy but at any price that's a tough question and we are going to have the conversation with the hill. what we are focused on driving affordability in a product we have and if we can do that we will continue to build the great warships. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >>> coming up, streamlining costs on the world's biggest and most expensive aircraft carrier. you're working -- watching "this week in defense news" from the defense building in newport news, virginia. [ telephone ringing ] [ clears throat ] hi. what did you do to deserve that thin mints flavor coffee-mate? it's only one of the most delicious girl scout cookie flavors ever. i changed the printer ink. [ male announcer ] try coffee-mate girl scout cookie flavors. >>> newport news ship building was founded in 1986 and today the nation's larges
the door, be aware of that use your detour this morning, mark. dale city to woodbridge you're fine on to 95 in lorton, newington and springfield. we'll take a live look there on the northbound side where we're in great shape. the lanes are open and the hov lanes are clearing up right now. you can see the flashing lights at the top side of the screen opening up those lines as we speak. back over to the maps and this time on the north side. no issues to report on 270 out of gaithersburg, rockville, bethesda and we're in good shape on the beltway at the dulles toll road. two left lanes remain blocked with construction and the ramp to get on to the westbound toll road as well. >>> sexual assaults in the military have jumped 46% in the past year. that's an alarming rate. >> that's over 3500 victims. tara mergener reports from washington on what some lawmakers want to do about the problem in the coming weeks. >> reporter: sexual attacks on military members jumped sharply over the past year. a new defense department report says 33,5 -- 3,553 members of the military reported being sexually assaulte
food, water, shelter and medicine for up to 10 million typhoon victims. the u.s. and others are sending supply to the region. the center of the disaster is tacloban. a steve 220,000 people nearly flattened by the typhoon. and seth doane is in tacloban. >> reporter: at the heavily damage ed tacloban airport thousands wait in the rain. as the c-130 cargo plane arrived on the tarmac. desperate survivors rushed to get on board. only a few hundred were lucky enough to get out. >> there's nothing here. >> reporter: this is what they're trying t ing ting to es. a city used to this. tsunami-like storm surges, u.s. brigadier general paul kennedy saw it. >> we saw other small communities devastated. i'm talking nothing left standing. >> reporter: chapels have been into makeshift morgues. and survivors are picking through what remains of their homes, many collecting their belongings in a couple of bags. others already trying to rebuild. following reports of looting, philippine soldiers were deployed to restore some order, as residents wait for help. manila has become a bit of a staging ground for
. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> the faa announced people can use cell phones and ipads. in related news, everybody was already doing that. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" brought to you by toyota. let's go places. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning, norah. >> good morning to you, charlie. happy friday. >> one month ago the obama administration launched this morning we know exactly how few americans were able to sign up for coverage at the start. >> as cbs news' sharyl attkisson repo reports. jan crawford report reports. good morning. >> that number shot up to 248. again, that's across the country. now, this time last month i was in a clinic in maryland. they had 40 appointments scheduled on day one, all these people so excited to sign up. but at that clinic they weren't able to sign up a single person. a month ago the promise of obama care for many was about to be reality. >> this really means a lot to me to be able to actually sign up for health care. >> but the excitement quickly turned to frustration and it became clear the problem was widesprea
morning. 10,000 people. a beautiful day for that. thanks to everybody who came and supported us and continues to fight the fight to get the number one killer taken care of, so it can drop down the list significantly. weather wise enjoy today. it is a mild day, at least for the start of the week. going to be significantly colder here tomorrow and wednesday. you will need your heaviest coats here. 45 degrees this morning at 9:00. by noon 54. on our way to about 58 so really not a bad start to the week with a good deal of sunshine. a few more clouds later this afternoon into the evening. and sunset 4:57. we're watching a strong cold front way up here. there are snow showers up across minnesota this morning. a couple of the rain showers in michigan and southwest michigan not far from chicago this morning, some light stuff but we're not going to have any problems with weather today. a chilly start. no argument here. we have 30s and some 40s. cambridge is 47. a few 20s out in the mountains and oakland and davis and elkins but gaithersburg and baltimore 39. this afternoon really looks
, doctor gimme the news ♪ >> here's welcome to the doctors. we have a jam-packed show today. and to help us kick things off is our good friend, please welcome dr. phil! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> we are going to have fun in a moment. but you just came back from a brilliant interview with michelle knight. the cleveland kidnapping victim. and tell us a little bit about that experience? >> travis, thanks for asking about that. michelle knight is one of the victims of the castro kidnapping in cleveland. she was the first taken and by all accounts was the most severely abused for 11 years! >> wow. >> she has never spoken, and she decided that she wanted to tell her story and tell it to me. and i have to say, you know, there were three girls taken. there were three girls rescued. but only two girls went home, because she had no where to go. she had no family. she went to the hospital. there was nobody there. i mean, no visitors, no home to go to. [ adience oohs ] >> she is completely ... she's been the forgotten one. everybody thought that she had certain incapacitations, that she was
today. actually going to be the nicest day of the week coming up for us. we have clouds but i expect them to be breaking to partly to most will you cloudy skies. 53. today 67 or so should do it so very comfortable this afternoon. 4:00 65. southerly winds running about 10 miles an hour and the clouds will thicken up tonight with showers late into thursday. tough to see some of the low clouds. it's sort of a milky gray here. you get west of the appalachians, we have generally clear skies and down south a few clouds as well. 36 in cumberland to 56, 20 degrees warmer at the pax river naval air station. 48 in gaithersburg. 51 degrees at joint-base andrews and 51 also in fredricksburg and a pleasant afternoon. we're looking at temperatures which will make it in most places well up in the 60s, potentially 70s in luray and manassas. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm very happy to say we're starting off this early morning rush hour really nicely. there are no big deals to report around town, including on i-270 coming in from frederick down to the point
incognito were friends. >> he has a funny way of showing it. >> if they use richie incognito -- >> what you have done is let the bear out of the case. >> it is the most anticipated initial public offering of the year. twitter has set a price at $26 a chair. >> they price the company at more than $18 billion. >> you all heard about the website woes. >> not acceptable. i am focused fixing it. >> lying congress is a crime. unfortunately lying the american people is not. >> did you see it? people all across southern california are talking about an apparent meteor that lit up the night sky. >> was it flashes? >> it was bigger than that. it lit up the sky. i think it was a meteor. >> records are being set high above the earth. >> the olympic torch is in outer space for the first time. >> talk about being thrown into the deep end. two tiger cubs were given a swim test. >> look at that? >> somebody has a souvenir. >> that's a great. >> i love barbara walters. the rest can go -- >> and all that matters. >> kevin ware, he is back. >> the tragic injury during the ncaa tournament last ye
royalty lately, ladies and gentlemen. it is king tempt-a lot-of us. >> [ inaudible ] >> just arrived from georgetown and we're going to send him back. >> oh, man. happy hallow obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, all tricks, no treat, david letterman! (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) (cheers and applause) >> dave: nice to see you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to the program. happy halloween, everybody. (cheers and applause) the by the way, congratulations to the boston red sox! what do you think of your current world champion -- world series boston red sox. (applause) the m.v.p. was david ortiz. what have a series this guy
to affect the u.s. in 70 years. agricultural secretary tim vilsack says it will allow communities to respond more effectively when droughts happen. >>> prince george's county fire crews are searching for the cause of an early morning fire along pennsylvania avenue in forestville. two fire companies got to the scene about 3:50 this morning. at one point, flames were seen going out of the third floor of the building. they were able to get it under control in about a half hour around 4:30. no injuries reported but some residents that live there are now in temporary shelters. >>> the case of road rage ended with two people being stabbed at montgomery mall in bethesda. it started at a nearby intersection police say. two drivers trying the get right of way. it escalated at the mall where one car chased the other and one driver got out. stabbed a man and a woman in the second car. the suspect hit another vehicle while he was trying to get away. he was eventually arrested and the stabbing victims are expected to recover. >>> two day care workers in prince william county have been fired after abuse a
. >>> thanks monika. depends on what polls you look at because there used to be a wide margin in the race for governor in virginia but now more and more polls are shrinking the lead mcauliffe has over cuccinelli. >> delia goncalves is in our satellite center with more on this aspect of the story and who's coming to town this weekend to stump for the candidates? >> reporter: very big hitters and we know that many of the polls as you said show varying degrees of a lead for mcauliffe but we know he is still according to the polls leading the race. but many of them show that cuccinelli is gaining momentum. not only has the race gained national attention, of course we know that many of the national politics certainly playing a huge part in voters' decisions. the government shutdown hit virginia very hard and while some ann uses say that could -- analysts say that could hurt the republican cuccinelli. he is rallying with rand paul and ted cruz. mcauliffe reports background checks at gun shows, cuccinelli doesn't. cuccinelli wants less government and thinks the health care plan is a failure and
like an exchange site. they act and feel like one. they use the word "exchange" in them but they're not exchange related. there are private sites trying to gather information on you. >> reporter: lastly the old knock on the door. >> they're shady navigators beginning to hit the streets. people are showing up trying to charge you money to enroll to help them -- help you enroll in the programs. >> reporter: beaware of any e- mails you get. for more information you can go to debra alfarone, wusa9. >>> the official death toll in the philippines is over 1700 at this point but it is expected to climb somewhere near 10,000. the numbers keep changing. we are starting to get a sense of the widespread destruction from typhoon haiyan now as we see some of the first images of the storm. >> the philippines ambassador to the united states sat down with ken molestina to talk about this natural disaster, about what it's like being so far away when the people back home are dealing with such tragedy. >> it's only when you see these photos, then of course the videos have been coming out
glass. it can even supposedly be used as a lie detector by reading the amount of electricity being conducted by your skin. >> some sort of commanded robot. >> enjoyed in more ways than one. >>> it's 6:06. for the past two decades a local group of women have been fighting against abuse. >> a group of teenagers happy to see flashing lights on a police vehicle? sounds strange, right? it's not. it's not. we'll explain why in and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress, the fcc, and the administration free up... more licensed wireless spectrum, we can empower more... people to innovate, create new technologies and jobs... and strengthen the economy. america is the world's leader in wireless. let's keep it that way. free up licensed spectrum today, so wireless... can do more for america tomorrow. happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> 10 after 6:00, a cold thu
to a second woman a short time later. >>> there's a story that's been getting lavl us in our newsroom talking, and a lot of others too. two people raising money on a crowd funding website to make a prototype of something they call antirape under wear. >> that expression has a lot of people puzzled as well. debra checked it out as well, and it's a horrible crime that strikes someone else every two minutes. >> reporter: the creators of this antirape under wear wouldn't talk to us on camera and don't give their last names on their fundraising site. it's up to you to decide. this has a lot of people talking and not all of it's good, and that can be an understatement. >> are we going to wear something over our mouths so that people don't force us to perform oral sex. >> reporter: strong words about a product touted for its strength. the creators say the underwear cannot be ripped, torn or pulled down. only the wearer knows the combination. >> we want them to feel safer on a first date or a night of clubbing. >> i can see this product being a major disaster where as opposed to getting raped now you
unveiled a number of initiatives today to clean up the air and the waterways. >> reporter: it took us less than a minute to find this field of discarded plastic and glass along the anacostia riverbank today. the tax on bags has helped. mayor gray now wants a ban on styrofoam to further clean up the waterways. >> if we raffle want to clean up the environment and keen -- really want to clean up the environment and keep it clean, we'll have to make these kind of decisions. >> reporter: the ban would include the plastic containers your carry-out orders are placed in, the cheapest option for mom and pop stores. >> it would force them to use more environmentally products for people to take home. >> reporter: this was topic a of the mayor's press conference today to help reduce emissions from idling police vehicles, new idling equipment is being installed in police cruisers. >> with so many traffic details and special events in the city, we spend a lot of time on posts. >> reporter: the car automatically cuts off when no longer needed to charge the battery. >> first we have reduced fuel consum
at it at least just look at it. maybe not buy. jessica with do you have for us in the next half hour? >> you're not going to believe this. we're gown to talk about holiday sales that have started today. >> yep. the christmas decorations were up in some stores last year. >> they're already at the lowe's for a couple of weeks now. >> i'm talking door busters and black friday deals. >> like $2 flat screen tvs? >> i'll have the deals for you coming up next. >> thanks jess. >>> some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation could go into effect today. that story is coming up. >> plus halloween is sure no treat for a lot of people in several states. strong storms hit a bunch of places last night. more on that. >> ahead in sports he may have left washington a couple of years ago, but apparently albert haynesworth's saga isn't quite over yet. what now? we'll ha >>> ten after 5:00 on this friday morning. and get ready for some rough weather as we go through the morning. especially in the next few hours. line of showers and storms coming with some winds that could gust 30, 40, maybe 60. seve
'll find out what jess has for us in the next half-hour. >> we'll be talking about safety ratings for a product that protects our most precious cargo. this is important information parents need to know about. >> jess, we'll be watching. >>> new research raises questions about exactly what happened to a well known political leader. that story is ahead. >> plus, it may look like a regular launch but the rocket that's getting ready to go to the international space station is carrying some extra firepower. >> ahead in sports, after sunday's dramatic overtime win, the skins hope the short turn around won't hurt them tonight against the vikings. we'll >>> just about 10 after 5:00 we're watching an area of showers out to the west that will get here mid- to late morning and pull out in the afternoon. kind of a weird day in a sense. it's going to be milder this morning. behind the those showers colder air moves in. here's a look at the forecast. showers moving in this morning. temperatures will get to 60, if not 62. 64 especially south and east. then this afternoon the showers will move ou
but more catching on fire and now people. scary. >>> jessica, what do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> how will the big merger in the airline industry impact the prices you're paying to travel? we'll look at that in a moment. >>> an aircraft carrier has arrived to help with the disaster in the the philippines. more coming up. >> aquarium workers on a mission at sea. >> the atlantic coast conference taking a dig at maryland for bolting in the [ female announcer ] breyers. let's get together for the holidays. ♪ come on, people, now ♪ smile on your brother [ female announcer ] rich, creamy, breyers legendary vanilla. making holidays more delicious for over 140 years. >>> another cold start but the milder air is going to be returning here over the next several hours. not nearly as chilly as it has been. our forecast for today calls for that cold start. some 20s in most areas, even a few upper teens. sunny and milder this afternoon with highs in the mid-50s and even warmer over the next few days. aim have your seven-day forecast -- i'll have your seven-day forecast in just abou
>>> welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is on assignment so jeff glor is with us. good morning. >> great to be here. >>> we're going begin with a storm that's the most powerful. typhoon haiyan is packing winds well over 200 miles an hour. >> at least four people are dead and seth doane is tracking developments from beijing sh morning. seth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jeff, and to norah. this typhoon is super massive, a category 5 storm. earlier today authorities in the philippines said more than 12 mill krion people were in its paths. winds gusting up to 230 miles per hour heading toward southern philippines today. entire buildings were barely visible as violent winds blasted rain. 15-foot waves sent water pouring through city streets. super typhoons of this strength even have the power to blow apart storm-proof shelters. they're urging people to evacuate. this social worker said some evacuees were still living in shelters after the 7.2 earthquake that rocked this region just last month. in all, more than 700,000 people were evacuated from typhoon haiyan's
as fully enrolled. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell accused the white house of using, quote, enroll accounts. marko rubio called the numbers abysmal. about a third, less than 27,000, navigated successfully. the remainder, about 80,000, signed up on websites run by about 14 states and the district of columbia. this total falls far short of the nearly half a million customers the white house projected would sign up in obama care's first month. democrats grim ask s grimaced. >> we should be further ahead. >> reporter: republicans said, we told you so. >> i think they're an caution that the program, the affordable caring at which i really believe is the unaffordable care act is deeply flawed. >> reporter: on a conference call with reporters, human health and services kathleen e sebelius spoke with them. >> today we're confident we're on track to achieve that. if that changes, we will certainly let you know. >> reporter: under questioning from south carolina republican trey gowdy, the white house todd park offers no guarantees. >> when will it be operational to your sati
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down this afternoon. deborah alfarone tells us how this rile lent day played out. >> reporter: police say this incident didn't even start here. it started at an intersection off mall property where two cars were edging each other out. but did it end up back here in absolutely the wrong way. >> as human beings, we are ridiculous. >> reporter: on a busy shopping day a bloody scene, all over the most seemingly simple thing. >> it appears to be a dispute over who had the right of way at an intersection. >> reporter: police say this car, now smashed and crumpled from an unsuccessful get away was being driven by a man who not only add car seat, but also a knife. >> it was maybe five inches. >> reporter: they say that man pulled his car over, got out, and stabbed two people he had a beef with in this car. police are now questioning that car's driver. police say the man with the knife drove off but not before hitting this car and ending up in police custody. it was quite a scene in the middle of the day. >> we saw a gay down. we saw a guy in a sweat shirt walking up and down, making a lot of
alexandria home on monday. peggy fox just talked to the investigators, joining us live from alexandria police headquarters with the latest. what do you know? >> i can tell you this. the the alexandria police chief is asking anyone who has had contact with ron kirby in the past few weeks or neighbors that have seen something unusual to come forward. he said that the case remains wide open. now today, ron kirby's grown daughters told wusa9 that she did not want to talk about the father's murder. on monday the 69-year-old was shot multiple times in their torso in his home on elm street. he was found by a relative monday afternoon. they had 42 children adopted from the philippines. they helped for the past 25 years as the transportation director at the council of government. the police chief said they don't think that there is a crazed gunman on out there, but they would not call it targeted. they've taken out search warrants, but they have no person of interest yet. and that someone was killed in their home. families, they are investigated as well in terms of strangers and possibilities as well.
, these days, one city in the country is the focus of his attention as don dahler will show us. >> whatever makes you feel like a rock star! >> reporter: after months of relentless touring country megastar kenny chesney is taking a break. >> thank you. >> but not before meeting with some very important fans. >> you are going to have this moment this morning at the hospital. >> yeah. >> heartfelt, it was good for me. >> spread the love. >> kenny chesney, straight from the heart, later on sunday morning. >> osgood: historian doris kearns goodwin shares presidential anecdotes with mo rocca. steve hartman bears a grandmother's secrets for changing lives behind bars. the fast draw takes a measure of marathoners and more, but first the headlines for this sunday morning, the 3rd of november, 2013. twice in los angeles, flights are operating normally at los angeles airport after the shootings, it left a tsa agent dead and several others injured. we get the latest now from carter evans. >> when paul opened fire in terminal three, he was carried a handwritten note, fbi special agent david bowdag. e.
right at route 29. crews tell us the wrecker has arrived on the scene, so just be aware you will not be able to get through for the time being. southbound 270 is in great shape. there are no problems as you come through the rockville area through bethesda. let's take a live look outside at the american legion bridge. all the lanes are open on the west side of town. no issues to report between tyson's and bethesda. southbound 295 after eastern avenue, the left lane is closed because of a missing manhole cover. back to you. andrea and mike? >>> thanks monika. today is the final full day of campaigning in the virginia governor's race and where the candidates are gives us some big clues. >> reporter: republican ken cup will be in the dc area and mcauliff is in tie isn't's corner. >> reporter: it is not a coincidence why the democrat is here, northern virginia represents a shift in what was once a very red state. speaking of red, ken will be in richmond at his headquarters. saturday he spent time rallying supporters with another republican, former maryland governor bob urlich. bo
category 5 on the scale we use here in the u.s. off the coast two barges collided in the rough sea forcing the crews to abandon ship and try to get themselves to shore for safety. we know at least three of the people are killed as a result of that accident. most of the communications with the philippines have been cut off, so it's hard to know the extent of casualties and the damage, but local officials say they are expecting the numbers of deaths to go up since the storm put about 12 million people in harm's way. now haiyan is setting its sights on mainland china and vietnam. >> how does this stack up against other storms in recent years? meteorologist erica grow has more on that. >> we're looking now at the satellite imagery over the past 12 hours of this storm typhoon haiyan as it makes its way back into the open waters of the south china sea. it made landfall in the philippines earlier this morning and now it is continuing to make its way toward its next destination. the good news is that it is now a category 4 storm. so it's lost a little bit of its strength. the winds are at 145 mile
alfarone tells us investigators say his 2-year- old daughter was in the car when this happened. >> reporter: police say this incident didn't even start here. it started at an intersection off mall property where two cars were edging each oh out. but it ended back here in absolutely the wrong way. >> as human beings we are ridiculous. >> reporter: a bloody scene all over the most seemingly simple thing. >> it appears to be a dispute over who had the right of way at an intersection. >> reporter: police say this car now smashed and crumpled from an unsuccessful get away but being driven by a man who not only had a car seat but also a knife. >> i was maybe about five inches. >> reporter: that man pulled his car over and got out and stabbed two people he had a beef with in this car. police now questioning that car's driver. then police say the man with the knife drove off but not before hitting this car and ending up in police custody. it was quite a scene in the middle of the day. >> we saw a guy down. we saw a guy in a sweatshirt walking up -- up and down. making a lot of noise. >> moaning i t
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